How did it all start?

Digital Warriors were founded by a small group of friends, all being ex-members of the AR51 clan, in 2012.

These guys met by gaming regularly in [AR51] and trolling on their TS server. The company consisted of SniperSam, JMD, A-TEAM (the future founders of Digital Warriors) and Chris, Sedjan, Fireball and Simon (who also left [AR51] to join DW). We were all loyal to [AR51] and some of us even becoming admins, like A-TEAM, JMD and shortly followed by Chris and Sedjan.

However, there was a particular player being very hateful towards [AR51] on the server one day, to which the guys above asked why he was hating so bad. The player replied with, “Your Leader is only DDoSing ppl, I don’t get why you’re in such clan” (FYI: DDoSing is an attack towards a server, causing many issues.). Having thought about it and investigating a little, we concluded the player was telling the truth and that we didn’t want to be a part of that. Thus the idea for the creation of a new community was concieved.

Digital Warriors

In searching for a name, we came up with some weird and wonderful ideas, finally settling on Digital Warriors. JMD -our Technic-Freak- started by creating a website and a TS server as the base of our community, and the group was back!

Shortly after, we opened our first servers, which were quiet to begin with but steadily got busy over the coming months, thus DW started growing. DW didn’t have the best start with 2 core members leaving (SniperSam and Simon) along with other newcomers. So we decided to change our tactics, became more active and tried harder. Following on from this, we started to become close with the ARES-clan. Gaming and chatting with their members, and in particular Elie. We had plans to collaborate together, but in the end it didn’t work out. We’re still having strong bond with WSG members, even tho they stopped being on the scene. Gaming with them from time to time brings out memories.

The above is based on our CoD history, but as a multi-gaming clan it’s only fair to add in other games to the history also.
League of Legends

Starting off with League of Legends. It was Chris who originally played LoL from time to time and invited the rest of us to come play. We got addicted and started playing very regularly, sometimes more than CoD.

Whilst playing LoL we met a few good guys, notably Awesome Opossum, who introduced us to The Nekromancer. After playing some time with Nekro, he decided to join us – because we’re just that awesome. Following on from meeting Nekro, we met his friend called Abraham and we started building up our team and becoming ranked!

All Points Bulletin Reloaded

Some time after Nekro's recruitment we had the idea of expanding in even more games. Nekro, now a community administrator, suggested we expand in APB: Reloaded. Members followed in joining the Enforcers faction and making our presence noticable. We capitalised on the game's customisation freedom a lot, thus creating our own unique style with clothes and cars. Today we keep a stable presence there and even get new cool members to play together and have fun.

Other Games

Our list of games we were interested, also consisted of games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Minecraft and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. We just started playing these games thus our presence isn't that big, but we aim to settle for good and expand even further. Playing under the name "Dragonguard Warriors" in ESO and creating and maintaining a Minecraft server.

So now you know a bit about us and what we are aiming for, come join us in the fun! We’ve got a servers tab up the top with a list of all our servers including TS and a forums tab next to it. We’re always excited for new faces!

We hope you enjoyed learning a little about us and look forward to gaming and chatting with you!