How to report hackers: a definitive guide

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How to report hackers: a definitive guide

Postby beenhouwer » Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:08 pm

It has come to our attention that some of you might not know how to report hackers as a member.
Recently we had some cases where a member was gathering proof, only to have it ruined by another member typing stuff like “You are recording, right?”. The suspect became paranoid and left the server, making the proof insufficient to justify a ban. In this announcement we will explain how to properly report, gather proof and behave when you find a hacker on the servers.

1. If you spot a hacker, do not use the !calladmin or !report commands. These are meant for non-members, so they can notify us without having access to the Forums or our Discord channel. If you, as a member, want to report a hacker, you can do so on our Discord channel. There’s almost always an admin online, ready to swing his banhammer. If not, your report will be looked into as soon as possible.
2. In an ideal situation, your report message in discord also has some proof. You gather proof by making a demo:
a. Enter console mode with the ²-key
b. Type: /record <playername> (replace the <playername> with the nickname of the player), this way we know who to ban and you can find it in the demo folder much faster. Make sure the ²-symbol does not show in the command line
c. Keep recording until you have enough proof to show that the player is indeed hacking. There’s no limit on the size of your proof.
d. To stop recording, type:/stoprecord
3. Upload the proof to discord:
a. Go to your COD4 installation folder and navigate to Main => Demos. This is the folder where your demos get stored.
b. Tip: make a shortcut to the Demos folder on your Desktop so you can select the right file almost immediately.
4. An admin will check your proof and ban if necessary. If the player is still online, the admin will most likely ban the person in the server. If the player is offline, he’s still getting banned.
5. If you feel uncomfortable in making demos yourself, you can always just report the player on Discord. An admin will take care of the rest.
When you are gathering proof or reporting a player, do not let him know you’re doing it. Don’t type messages like “Reported”, “I’m going to report you”, “I’m making a demo”, “I’m recording you”,… If he’s smart he’ll leave and come back to cheat another day. When an admin is checking your proof and announcing he’s coming to the server to ban, do not let the players know. The admin will take care of everything. The banhammer is a dish best served cold, hard and unexpected. Some admins make a sport out of humiliating a hacker before banning him. Just lean back and enjoy the show.

If your proof is insufficient, the admin will let you know. He will put a notice so next time the suspect is online, the admins are triggered to check him out. If the admin decides the suspect is clean, he will come online to restore order. There’s no shame being wrong, better safe then sorry and everyone misses from time to time!

If a player is being toxic or is breaking the rules, you can also post a message on Discord. An admin will address the situation, no proof is needed for this.

Hope you found this helpful. If there are any questions, just hit us up on discord!

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