Ban appeal for F4STsHOOT3R

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Ban appeal for F4STsHOOT3R

Postby F4STsHOOT3R » Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:57 pm

Nickname (when banned): F4STsHOOT3R
Where banned? (servername or IP): TDM
GUID: 0b926b52a74ff148c0dc58bf73e75054

Why should we lift the ban?:
I was banned about 20 days ago,reason:aimbot.First of all I never used any hacks,I was playing on killhouse,guy was not playing so I was shooting him in the head.After 7-8 kills I got prem ban.I played on yours servers since 2016,many players remember me so I am asking you to remove my ban if you can.Thank you in advance.
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Re: Ban appeal for F4STsHOOT3R

Postby Blaze » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:26 pm

Yeah you can but please remember after 5 kills doing head shots kill them in another area of the body and then you can go back to shooting them in the head 5xs again.
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Re: Ban appeal for F4STsHOOT3R

Postby chris » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:32 pm

Please try avoiding long headshot sprees as they trigger automated false-positive penalties

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